Bartender Art Showcase | Submit your artwork
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Are you an artist bartender? We’d love to feature your artworks at the Bartender Art Showcase!

The Bartenders Art Showcase is open to any active bartenders and bar backs who want to showcase their art.

Any types of art will be considered: visual arts, performing arts, applied arts. No judgement, discrimination, subjective criteria or mandatory theme will be used to select an artist and his/her works (provided it is not offensive in any way).  The artworks may be old or newly created for the occasion.

The only limit is the size of the Caelum art gallery, so we’ll operate on a first come / first serve basisThe registration is now open and will close as soon as the exhibiting space capacity is reached.

Please note that displaying tools will be provided but you must deliver to and pick up your artworks from the gallery by your means.

Submit your artwork below

Proposed artworks or examples of past artworks
Headshot (will be shown in the exhibiting artists section)