Bartender Art Showcase | About Torres Brandy
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About Torres Brandy

Torres Brandy is the result of almost century-old mastery in the art of distilling in the Torres Family, as well as the tenacious pursuit of perfection.

In 1928, Juan Torres Casals, second generation, began the development of vintage brandy aged in oak from the best white wines of Penedès (Barcelona, Spain), collecting Arnau de Vilanova’s humanist legacy, doctor and theologian of the thirteenth century. The work of Juan Torres was soon recognized and his brandies became synonymous of quality.

About Pisco El Gobernador

Pisco El Gobernador is a tribute to Felipe Margutt Donaire, who participated in the battle of Maipú in 1818, which decided Chile’s independence.

El Gobernador is a fine blend of handpicked muscatel variety grapes undergoing the winemaking and fermentation process before entering copper pot stills to be refined in single batches. After resting for at least 90 days, it is bottled immediately.

The relationship between Torres and the art world has been a natural one since the company’s inception.

A family company, Torres has been transmitting the art of wine making and distillation through generations for more than 3 centuries.

  • The Spirit of Barcelona

By representing the Spirit of Barcelona, Torres Brandy embodies the creativity, history and innovation of the dynamic, exuberant Catalan capital city. The iconic Jaime 1 maries to perfection brandy and art, as it pays homage to Casa Milá, the most emblematic building of the intensively creative period of Modernism in Barcelona, and its creator, Gaudí, one of the most innovative architects and artists of the 20th century.

  • Personal involvement into art

The family’s personal involvement into art even crossed the business side, when Waltraud Maczassek, Miguel A. Torres’ wife -who has not only actively participated in the family’s success, but also dedicated her life to art as an exhibiting painter and photographer- created the label of the 2015 vintage Waltraud Riesling wine.

Torres portfolio is imported by Ste Michelle Wine Estates in the United States of America.